Go beyond Perfection with instant Youthfulness

35242 (1)Do you have a foundation that will boost your Youthfulness instantly and give you that Ageless Look???

WIth Oriflame Giordani Gold Master Creation foundation with SPF18, you can achieve that ageless instant youthfulness.

It boost your youthfulness instantly while giving you a flawless natural look by brightening, smoothing and nourishing your skin.

Formulated in a light, luxurious texture for a moment of indulgence. it has SPF18 and pollution filter.

1. It gives your skin 5x brighter looking skin

2. Improvement in fine lines volume.

3. It lifts the appearance of 8 signs of ageing.

4. Its clinically proven to instantly lift the appearances of fine lines
and loss of brightness.

5. it smooths, evens and hydrates.

ColourCorrectComplex boosts the appearance of youthfulness by masking fine lines and hiding dull and uneven areas. Skin Nourishment Infusion promotes healthy, more hydrated, skin.
Your skin is nourished with Botanical Origin Serum helping to repair whilst White Peony extract offers a twist of additional nourishment.
ProSkin Pollution Shield and SPF 18 protect your skin from harmful environmental factors.

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