Special challenges and rewards of being a career woman.

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There is absolutely no reason why a woman should not succeed in business.

All she needs is:-



Product knowledge

Market knowledge



clear judgment

A stubborn streak

A computer

I believe that God gave woman Special qualities, but because of this, He also requires more from us. Everything a woman touches should be ennobled. We have an obligation to inject into world affairs all those traits which have long been considered FEMALE.

These include such things as honor, integrity, love, and honesty. I believe it’s wrong for women to feel that they must emulate or copy men in order to succeed.

God created the world, and He said, “That’s good.” Then, He created the man, and He said “That’s pretty good, but I can do better.” so He created the WOMAN.

You are God’s masterpiece – make the most of it!


Don’t whimper, cry, or pout to win a point;

Don’t be late;

Don’t be afraid to take a stand; and

Don’t ever lose your control or your cool head.

Love you all.



You are Special!

Motivational quote of the day.


You are special!
You’re the woman other women want to be around.
You take care of yourself and always look your best – a professional outfit, clean shoes, nice hairstyle and, of course, a great makeup look to show off your Oriflame products. 
No wonder you’re destined to live the life you choose

Novage Men Skincare Set.

Are you that guy that wants to look Presentable, Captivating and Charming…?

Ooophs! I’ve got something for youuuu!

Novage Men Skincare Set for 25 years plus and for all skin types.

The high-performance anti-aging solution for men. Energies and fight all signs aging, improve skin tonicity and reduces signs of tiredness, made from Baobab anti-aging technology, Coffea Bengalensis plant stem cell extract.

The NovAge Men Set is engineered specifically for male skin to fight signs of aging and tiredness. Skin is left feeling energized, fresher, smoother and younger looking. Contains Purifying & Exfoliating Cleanser, Eye Rescue Gel, Energising & Hydrating Booster and Intense Anti-ageing Face Gel Lotion. Designed for use as a simple, but powerful routine that takes less than 2 minutes to perform, every morning and evening.

When used as a routine, the range delivers a clinically proven Anti-Fatigue Effect:
Wrinkle reduction†3
Skin smoothness improvement†3
Improvement in skin hydration†2
Improvement in skin flexibility†3
Improvement in skin tonicity†3

Individually, men have agreed on the following superb results in consumer testing:
Purifying & Exfoliating Cleanser: skin is left oil and sebum free instantly – 94% agree*
Eye Rescue Gel: men say it looks like they’ve had a full night’s sleep – 78% agree*
Hydrating Booster: skin looks rested and fresh – 94% agree*
Intense Anti-ageing Face Gel Lotion: visibly reduces all signs of aging

– 78% agree*
* Consumer tested on male skin.
†2 Clinical test using NovAge Men Set
†3 Expert clinical evaluation using NovAge Men Set

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Hey guys what are you waiting for???  Ladies get one for your man.

Go beyond Perfection with instant Youthfulness

35242 (1)Do you have a foundation that will boost your Youthfulness instantly and give you that Ageless Look???

WIth Oriflame Giordani Gold Master Creation foundation with SPF18, you can achieve that ageless instant youthfulness.

It boost your youthfulness instantly while giving you a flawless natural look by brightening, smoothing and nourishing your skin.

Formulated in a light, luxurious texture for a moment of indulgence. it has SPF18 and pollution filter.

1. It gives your skin 5x brighter looking skin

2. Improvement in fine lines volume.

3. It lifts the appearance of 8 signs of ageing.

4. Its clinically proven to instantly lift the appearances of fine lines
and loss of brightness.

5. it smooths, evens and hydrates.

ColourCorrectComplex boosts the appearance of youthfulness by masking fine lines and hiding dull and uneven areas. Skin Nourishment Infusion promotes healthy, more hydrated, skin.
Your skin is nourished with Botanical Origin Serum helping to repair whilst White Peony extract offers a twist of additional nourishment.
ProSkin Pollution Shield and SPF 18 protect your skin from harmful environmental factors.

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One beautiful gift reward from Oriflame Nigeria to women.

It here again!!!

Our beautiful gift reward to appreciate consultants who are rocking their business and making things happen for other women in their society.

Happy viewing.