Special challenges and rewards of being a career woman.

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There is absolutely no reason why a woman should not succeed in business.

All she needs is:-



Product knowledge

Market knowledge



clear judgment

A stubborn streak

A computer

I believe that God gave woman Special qualities, but because of this, He also requires more from us. Everything a woman touches should be ennobled. We have an obligation to inject into world affairs all those traits which have long been considered FEMALE.

These include such things as honor, integrity, love, and honesty. I believe it’s wrong for women to feel that they must emulate or copy men in order to succeed.

God created the world, and He said, “That’s good.” Then, He created the man, and He said “That’s pretty good, but I can do better.” so He created the WOMAN.

You are God’s masterpiece – make the most of it!


Don’t whimper, cry, or pout to win a point;

Don’t be late;

Don’t be afraid to take a stand; and

Don’t ever lose your control or your cool head.

Love you all.



You are Special!

Motivational quote of the day.


You are special!
You’re the woman other women want to be around.
You take care of yourself and always look your best – a professional outfit, clean shoes, nice hairstyle and, of course, a great makeup look to show off your Oriflame products. 
No wonder you’re destined to live the life you choose

One beautiful gift reward from Oriflame Nigeria to women.

It here again!!!

Our beautiful gift reward to appreciate consultants who are rocking their business and making things happen for other women in their society.

Happy viewing.





This is the most exciting part of my Business.

The recognition moments are the very essence and fun part of my business. Wow..! Everyone loves to be recognized in any way or form that gives them a sense of belonging, gives encouragement that motivates, and the appreciation of hard and smart work put into achieving a huge success makes the difference.

I am loving very seconds and minutes of my business. Don’t you just love what you  are seeing? 

Enjoy this video…

Love you all.



Who do you Envy?

Everyone at the top today all started off from the bottom.

You should never-ever-wonder when will I get to the top, rather ask how do I get there. Start small with whatever you are doing, build on it, get inspired by it and see it grow big, moment by moment.

Don’t go envying that person at the top, a lot went into achieving that success you envy. Sit down and ask yourself, am I willing to sacrifice a lot to get to the top?

We all love the comfort of life but it doesn’t come that easy you see… A lot of hard work, smart work and sacrifices are needed to get life’s comfort and be at the top.

Now is the time to ask yourself again this simple questions, What are my goals? What do I intend to achieve having known my goals? How will it affect me, my community, my society and the world at large positively?

If you could answer these questions deeply from within correctly, then you are ready to be at the top.