Special challenges and rewards of being a career woman.

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There is absolutely no reason why a woman should not succeed in business.

All she needs is:-



Product knowledge

Market knowledge



clear judgment

A stubborn streak

A computer

I believe that God gave woman Special qualities, but because of this, He also requires more from us. Everything a woman touches should be ennobled. We have an obligation to inject into world affairs all those traits which have long been considered FEMALE.

These include such things as honor, integrity, love, and honesty. I believe it’s wrong for women to feel that they must emulate or copy men in order to succeed.

God created the world, and He said, “That’s good.” Then, He created the man, and He said “That’s pretty good, but I can do better.” so He created the WOMAN.

You are God’s masterpiece – make the most of it!


Don’t whimper, cry, or pout to win a point;

Don’t be late;

Don’t be afraid to take a stand; and

Don’t ever lose your control or your cool head.

Love you all.



You are Special!

Motivational quote of the day.


You are special!
You’re the woman other women want to be around.
You take care of yourself and always look your best – a professional outfit, clean shoes, nice hairstyle and, of course, a great makeup look to show off your Oriflame products. 
No wonder you’re destined to live the life you choose